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Success Stories

First-hand stories of healing 

I really was struggling to find myself and my place in life. I'd changed jobs, my son was away at school, I'd been dealing with some health issues and put on weight. I was just trying to get through each day and and didn't know who I was anymore.

I think most helpful was that we started with small attainable goals that when taken all together became huge achievements.

I didn't feel like I was overwhelmed with any of the work I was asked to do and so much of it was reconnecting with all that I loved about myself and things that made me happy.

One of my biggest challenges was that I didn't believe in myself in the way that other people believe in me and now that's changed.

I still have a way to go but I value myself now and I'm able to bring that value to my daily life and my relationships.
Instead of going to bed each night, stressed about getting through another day, I'm excited about each day and when things do get challenging I have the tools to deal with it.

Leslie Porter_Testimonial_Vikki Jacobs.p

- Vikki Jacobs

I decided to try Leslie for one session, then immediately signed up for 3 months. My time with her has been so beneficial, I just renewed for another 6 months!

Leslie started working with me on my posture and showed me breathing techniques and meditation practices to manage my lower back, abdominal, and neck pain. These methods also help me manage my migraines.

I highly recommend Leslie Porter to anyone who is suffering with stress-induced pain or low energy. Her Holistic Lifestyle Method can help you recover and feel more relaxed and in control of your day.

Screen Shot 2021-09-08 at 1.40.06 PM.png

-Kathleen Ries-Jubenville

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 1.23.26 PM.png

I worked with Leslie for 3 months. I had not worked with a wellness coach before, and I contacted her to learn to take better care of myself and improve sleep. Even though I thought I was eating healthy, she taught me about improving my meals. We also explored several, daily habits including breathing and sleep exercises. Even a few months after working with her, I have continued the habits that she taught me. I eat better, exercise more often and sleep better than before. Leslie is passionate and knowledgeable about wellness, and she customized a program for me that changed my life for the better. I am grateful for her, and I recommend anyone who is curious to try working with her.

Jeania Schilling.png

- Jeania Schilling

Leslie's work is full of integrity and it heals. Her skills and knowledge in combination with her ability to be fully and unconditionally present is profound. She has the rare ability to address an issue from multiple levels. The healing I have experienced by working with her whether in yoga class, group meditation or one on one spiritual work has taken place physically, emotionally and spiritually. She has gently helped me find my way after feeling quite "stuck". Leslie lives what she teaches and this is inspiring and motivating. She really is a rare find in teachers. Having Leslie as a teacher has proven to be a sweet gift to myself.
So, thank you from the bottom of my heart....:)

Leslie Porter_Testimonial_Lori Rubstein.

- Lori Rubenstein

Leslie is a gifted, intuitive, and knowledgable practitioner. I first met Leslie over fifteen years ago when she worked for me as both a Pilates/Yoga instructor and a front desk manager in my physical therapy practice. Her exemplary skills in compassionate communication led me to encourage her to further her work in healthcare as she has an innate ability to support others who are suffering. She furthered her education in psychology with expertise in somatic experiencing and I have been referring patients to her ever since. Her strong ethics, deep knowledge base, and exemplary skills in compassionate listening make her a leader in her field.

Leslie Porter_Testimonial_Sandra Alvarez.png

Too often coaches are either too ethereal and untethered to the day-to-day issues that their client’s face.

Somehow, Leslie manages to ride that line perfectly…Using her intuition, empathy, and elevated understanding of the body, she has helped me work through many issues other coaches and conventional therapy couldn’t seem to crack.

- Sandra Alvarez-Smith

It's not an overstatement to say that Leslie's program has been life-changing. Before I found the Holistic Lifestyle Method, I lived in a constant state of stress and agitation. I was trying to manage motherhood, being a supportive wife, and running my own business. I was in my head all the time thinking and never felt truly present with my young children and husband. When I made the decision to grow my business, I knew something had to change, life couldn't go on like this. My biggest win from the program is that I feel like I have found MYSELF again. Now that I am grounded in who I am and what makes me happy and flourish, I am better to all those around me - my kids, husband, family and clients. I have set boundaries with work time but still feel just as productive as before. I am enjoying the little moments in life so much more and I feel ready to take on more in the coming year in both my personal and professional life. 

- Natalie Damm

I haven’t been working out consistently the last few years and used the excuse that I was too tired and didn’t have the time. Leslie reminded me that I don’t need to spend hours at a gym and that just 10 minutes a day can provide significant health benefits. I didn’t know what to expect or believe that 10 minutes was enough. But it was much easier than anticipated to fit into my schedule while being efficient and effective. It left me wanting more! I didn’t realize how specific Pilates is for your core and whole body. The exercises we did are very similar to simple rehab exercises that I assign to my patients. Plus, I felt my core and glutes engaged during the whole work day which made my posture better and safer during the day!

- Dr. Kendall Schluchter, D.C.

I had a really great experience seeing Leslie for a private Pilates session! She knows SO much about the body and posture, and thorughout the session she was able to share helpful corrections when I had tiny postural compensations due to my scoliosis. More importantly, I felt very cared for, comfortable and safe throughout the session. My back pain was signficiantly improved after only 50 minutes, and carrying my heavy backpack to the car afterward felt 100x easier too! I also noticed improvements in my anxiety and sleep after our session as well! I definitely recommend seeing Leslie!!

- Stacy Stern, Holistic Physical Therapist

Leslie Porter_Testimonial_Catherine Mall

- Catherine Malloy

Since working with Leslie, friends and family have recently commented that I seem less angry, more present with better eye contact…

I have also noticed less blaming of others.Best of all, my husband says I’m becoming more fun!

Leslie Porter_Testimonial_Karen Graves.png

Leslie Porter gets to the heart and soul of what is needed to fully heal and transform your life. She is able to pinpoint exactly what is needed to provide a powerful mind/body connection. Her work is unlike any I've ever experienced. I highly recommend her.

- Karen Graves

Screen Shot 2022-09-08 at 1.22.13 PM.png

- Alfredo Contreras

Recently, I worked with Leslie. First, I would like to say she has top-notch follow-up skills and has kept in contact with me to see how I am doing. Also, she helps my mother. ⁠

For my Mother: She hasn't done anything else differently, and I don't think she is consistent with the protocol, but she went from looking really worn out and tired (I was getting nervous) to seeming a lot brighter and energized. ⁠

Myself: I’m noticing a bit less pain and inflammation with my injuries I’m hopeful this will continue to improve ⁠

Thank you, Leslie

Leslie's style of training me is thoughtful and diligent. I truly feel that I have been through a serious [Pilates] workout after my hour with Leslie and we both agree that I have been making progress over time. I definitely feel stronger and I have actually lost an inch or two in my waist!

Judy Schroffel

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