The Holistic Lifestyle Method offers a custom-tailored program fit to your unique needs


Taking Ownership of What's Yours

Increase your self-awareness and ability to discuss any issues of concern and examine others’ perspectives and issues to indentify what belongs to you and what's solely yours to focus and work on. 


Exercising Boundaries

Learn how "No" can be your best and most caring and protective friend. Loving assertiveness can consciously deepen relationships without being at the expense of your energy or happiness.


Conscious Emotions

Establish the power of connecting and processing your emotions with a deeper understanding. Learn that negative emotions aren't truly negative but a space to lean into the discomfort and discover the change that needs to occur.

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Body-Centered Healing

Honor your body as the temple it is by seducing your spirit into alignment with mind and heart through functional movement and thoughtful practices to promote healing from the inside out.