The ultimate goal is to help a woman connect with her inner radiance.


And feel alive, awake, and comfortable in her body. For more than two decades, I have had the honor of serving as a teacher, guide, and coach to women all over the country. Every time I witness women experience that exquisite ah-ha moment when she recognizes her inherent and unique power, beauty, and grace and gains confidence in her body, I feel lit up too. Suddenly, everything in her life is better—her work, relationships, self-confidence, and engagement in fun and play—and when challenges do come up—as they always will—she’s able to manage it all with confidence, creativity, and grace.

As women, our calling is to take ownership of our minds, hearts, bodies, beauty, and grace. We need good people around us, definite boundaries, and the strength to effectively communicate what we need and want and hear and honor what others in our lives—especially in our close relationships—need in theirs. Striking this balance can be challenging, particularly given the many outdated yet still accepted ideas about what it means to be a woman today. We might suddenly find ourselves not using our voice at work, consumed with kids, or in an unfulfilling or unhealthy romantic relationship. It’s not uncommon with so much happening that we feel the need to take care on too much for ourselves. Leaving us feeling like we’re too much, not enough, disconnected, depleted, uncertain, or just stuck.

We All Get Lost Sometimes, and I’ve been there.

I know personally what it’s like to feel lost and question who I am, what I truly want, and what lights me up. Many years ago, I was engaged to an intelligent, artistic man, which was wonderful until I realized that there was only space for him in the relationship. For years, I allowed myself to play small and let personal needs go

unfulfilled. By the end of the relationship, I knew that I had to take bold action and commit to radical self-exploration, self-care, and profound healing to find my way back to myself. The last thing I thought I needed then was creativity and sensuality. Still, as I tapped into those natural forces that are alive within each of us, I bloomed into the even stronger and more empowered, and playful woman I am today.

Finding our way back to ourselves—or for the first time—is a beautiful process in self-exploration, self-compassion, and self-care. We often need a trusted guide to help us navigate it all and be there when we need to talk, vent, cry, heal, grow, celebrate, and light it all up. Rather than stay stuck, we get to resolve issues in and around our bodies. We get to understand our triggers and why we sometimes feel afraid. We get to learn how to slow down and explore what our bodies and hearts are trying to tell us. We tune in rather than stay tuned out and become less reactive and more responsive. We start paying attention to our joy and choose to fashion and foster a life that we truly love.

As we get older, we inevitably change. Our relationships, values, and even beliefs might change. For almost all women, no matter how successful, beautiful or sexy we might have once felt, there comes a time when we get to be real with ourselves. Tap back into personal agency, (re)claim our sensuality and creativity, and move toward what presently feels authentic and alive for us—mind, body, and spirit.


How I Developed The Holistic Lifestyle Method

Although there are so many similarities between women, we are unique and have different needs and wants to varying stages of our lives. I understand that I meet each woman and custom design a coaching strategy that honors and supports her values; mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual needs; and current goals.

Together, we figure out what you need to heal and let go of while also tapping into what lights you up, turns you on, tunes you in, and makes you feel creative, sexy, confident, and alive. We’ll focus on your mind, heart, and body, helping you truly feel comfortable in your skin. The work is integrative, holistic, multifaceted, and based on your desires and preferences. I am here to offer support, suggestions, skills, tips, and techniques from the physical to the heart-centered to experiential to the spiritual and help you stay motivated, focused, and accountable. However, both in sessions and out, the process of self-exploration and action is essential and empowering to your work. It’s your life. And, you get to choose!

I’m warm, compassionate, empathetic, and authentic. I like to keep it real. I also want to laugh and believe that bringing some fun into the coaching relationship—or almost any relationship is essential and leads to increased attunement and connection. Unlike therapy, which is primarily mind-focused and talk-based, our work together is highly action-oriented and hands-on. You get to look at your life as it is, figures out what’s yours and what is not, and take personal agency and ownership to create a life you love. And, as you tap into your happiness, you get to show up as a vibrant, healthy woman in your relationship, family, friendships, community, workplace, and the world.

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All my love,