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Leslie's Experience & Journey

Leslie's Experience & Journey



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I founded The Holistic Lifestyle Method because I know what it feels like to be in a never-ending cycle of talk therapy, an overthinking mind, lack of good quality sleep, and not feeling comfortable in my skin. I struggled in these areas for many years. 


​I know what it’s like to feel lost and question who I am, what I truly want, and what lights me up. Many years ago, I was engaged to an intelligent, artistic, beautiful man until I realized that there was only space for him in the relationship. For years, I allowed myself to play small and let my personal needs go unfulfilled. 


By the end of the relationship, I knew that I had to take bold action and commit to radical self-exploration, self-care, and profound healing to find my way back to myself. The last thing I thought I needed then was creativity and sensuality. Still, as I tapped into those natural forces that are alive within us, I bloomed into the even more vital, more empowered, and playful woman I am today.

So, I set off on a Mission

22 years ago to learn everything I could about health and wellness to go full-time as a self-care coach myself and to help other women with the same struggles I overcame. In my search to master everything about holistic practices, I was able to help many women get more rest and feel more confident and sexier in all aspects of their lives. In the process, I have created a thriving business, retreats, friendships, and relationships because of this work (and play). My clients have also developed better relationships, more income, and more pleasure in their lives. 


So, I put together a program to teach my signature methodology that has allowed me to help many women stay off anti-anxiety and sleeping pills— all through personalized yoga, meditation, and somatic practices. That is how “The Holistic Lifestyle Method” was born! For more than two decades, I have had the honor of serving as a teacher, guide, and coach to women all over the country. 

Our calling is to take ownership of our minds, hearts, bodies, beauty, and grace as women. We need good people around us, definite boundaries, and the strength to effectively communicate what we need and want and hear and honor others in our lives—especially in our close relationships.


Striking this balance can be challenging, particularly given the many outdated yet still accepted ideas about what it means to be a woman today. We might suddenly find ourselves not using our voice at or even liking our work, consumed with kids, or in an unfulfilling or unhealthy romantic relationship. It’s not uncommon with so much happening that we feel the need to take care of too much and do not even put ourselves on the to-do list. Leaving us feeling like we’re too much, not enough, disconnected, depleted, uncertain, or just stuck.

​Finding our way back to ourselves—or for the first time—is a beautiful process in self-exploration, self-compassion, and self-care. We often need a trusted guide to help us navigate it all and be there when we need to talk, vent, cry, heal, grow, celebrate, and light it all up, and that’s what I’m here for, to guide you to your most tremendous potential. 

To read more of my 22-years of Experience, and Journey, Click Here !

All my love, 


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