Frequently Asked Questions

How Long is the Holistic Lifestyle Method Program?

The course is a 12-week  journey expertly designed to reawaken and reconnect the relationship to self. Throughout this program you will connect with your inner radiance, feel more alive, awake and comfortable in your body and relationships.

What is the Difference between the Group and Indvidual Holistic Lifestyle Method Programs?

While both group and private programs share the dedication to unearthing your unique power. The approach and dynamic is slightly different. In Private programs you will have tailored one-on-one guided weekly sessions paired to personalized coursework to complete on your own time. Our group offering is an intimate weekly gathering of 6 or less likeminded individuals to collaboratively heal, paired with course work to be completed on each members' own schedule. 

How much time outside of sessions does this program require?

Private Sessions consist of weekly 30-45 minute guided sessions with Leslie, paired with prescribed daily coursework that requires a time commitment of 5-30 minutes each day.

Our Collaborative Group Sessions consist of weekly 60 minute guided sessions paired with daily course work to be completed around  each members' schedule. 

Am I a good fit for the Holistic Lifestyle Method Program?

Are you ready to do the work?  The ideal candidate for the Holistic Lifestyle Method is receptive, committed and an active listener. I've developed this program to give you all the tools and resources you need to live a more conscious and fulfilled life, but dependent on you to apply it to your life. Book a Free Consultation with me for a deeper discussion on how you could be a fit for this style of healing. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I strive to create this to be a personalized and accessible program to all who can benefit from this type of healing work. We can review course options and logistics during our initial consult.

How will I benefit from the Holistic Lifestyle Method?

This program is specifically designed to offer healing in less time. Each of my clients experience an electric Ah-Ha! moment of recognizing their own inherent power, beauty, grace and worth, gaining confidence inside and out. This is moment it all changes, life begins to come into focus in a new and in engaging way, work and relationships improve, self-confidence grows and self-respect deepens. A new foundation is lain giving you the power, tools and understanding to approach life's challenges with strength, integrity and grace.