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Embodied Emotions & Embracing The MESS

You may have heard yourself say “my stomach is in knots” …” it feels like there’s a pit in my stomach” …” my head is spinning”.

Think of the body as a map that can help you identify what you are feeling. Often, our body will give us a clue when we need to fulfill an emotional need or sit with our feelings to understand them better. This is called an embodied emotion.

When you notice physical sensations, take a moment to sense into your body to see where that feeling lives and how it feels. Ask yourself:

1. What message is this sensation trying to send me?

2. What emotion is behind it?

3. What does my embodied emotion need at this moment? (is it protection? self-compassion? a hug? rest? deep breaths?) (see above)

It is TEMPTING to ignore the signs, the sensations, and to hide the MESSY parts of ourselves. But learning to be with these parts can help us receive the love, the support, and the help we need to truly heal.

Thanks to a dear friend, today I was reminded of 3 reasons why it's important to show some MESS:

1. All of the scared, angry, grumpy, frustrated, messy parts of us are completely valid and completely loveable.

2. People who can’t discuss the mess or mistakes with us are dealing with their own suffering. Just because they’re not comfortable talking about their emotions, doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t. They simply may not be the right recipient.

3. Emotions are healthy and listening to our sensations means we’re learning about our personal roadmaps, what triggers us and what we can do to support our own healing and growth.

Our body hosts a vast and detailed blueprint of our lives. It holds both questions and answers for what we want and need. Listening and feeling for these cues are the secret to healing. Learning to navigate the flow of what life brings us is our key to healing as well. Though sometimes it can be a tough roadmap to navigate alone, that’s why I’m here. Have questions? Book a free call to connect on listening to your emotions and embracing the MESS.

AND a quick thank you to my friend that reminded me of these 3 reasons and suggested I take out paints, pencils, and paper and get really messy with some art for FUN, so that’s what I’ll be doing today.

Sometimes MESSY means celebrating the uncertain messiness in the middle of making art or being creative.

Share your thoughts about embodying your emotions and showing the MESSY parts of life.

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