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Why Small Steps Matter

When life gets crazy, have you noticed that the first thing we tend to do is put aside stuff that will feel good for our health, mind, spirit and creative energy. Many even stop investing time and money in these things that make their lives and body healthier and happier. 

Similarly to many of you, there’s been a lot on my plate for the last 6 months. I have had to deal with extraneous stressors like medical issues (I’m fine), having my phone stolen in another country, getting blocked out of almost every app because of said phone, and many other stressors that are honestly not worth mentioning. 

With these stressors and needing to work, make a living, pay my bills and do my taxes… it could've been easy for me to not fit in exercise, meal prepping, meditation, and time with friends…I could’ve thrown out my self care practices as so many do… Instead, even though it was sometimes a struggle, I chose to prioritize ALL of my self care practices.   

I heard from a busy business woman recently who works 80 hours per week. She’s also raising a 4 year old. She hired me because her sleep hasn’t been good, she’s been anxious and her nutrition was completely out of balance. 

One of the things I helped her with is to create self care practices and a system around her crazy schedule that is feasible and not overwhelming. This way she could have very specific things to do to help her get movement in, lower her anxiety, sleep better and eat well in about 5-25 minutes a few times per week. 

I designed and set it all out for her so she didn’t have to guess or google what to do. Not only did this wind up saving her time, it helped her fit self care into her schedule seamlessly.

Within a month, these baby steps already turned into big leaps. She’s sleeping better and her stress has decreased. Her weight decreased too because we are supporting her body's organic healing process. (No medication needed!)

Your body is a temple that deserves to be nourished and supported. 

Me and my client are genuinely busy people, however, we both make big strides each day with small steps choosing self care. 

It’s a choice of priorities. 

Unfortunately, I’ve seen folks wait too long to fit themselves into their schedules. When this happens, the body and health will break down significantly. When people are at this point, I gently share that they'll need medical attention versus my holistic approach. 

I don’t know about you but I’d prefer to be a hot octogenarian who feels good in her skin, doesn’t feel spread too thin and has energy to spare.  

If this resonates for you, feel free to respond to this message or send me a private message to see if working together is the next best choice and please forward this to someone who may need my help. 

Let’s resolve to create small steps as a priority… (No need to wait to create a resolution for New Year’s… You can create a resolution today). 

In Health and Wellness,


Health and Wellness Strategist

Founder of The Holistic Lifestyle Method

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