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When I work with my clients in the Holistic Lifestyle Method, a MAJOR component includes overhauling their diet. It's an area that many of us struggle with, especially with jammed-packed schedules. I find many clients skip meals or eat for convenience, leaving them feeling even more run down, sluggish, and stuck. We need to eat right for success. 


One of my favorite recommendations I provide to my clients is Juice Plus+. A range of suitable products that help bridge the gap between what we need to eat and what we actually eat. Capsules, Chewables, and powders are all formulated to provide you with the nutrients you need and crave. 


The capsules are my personal go-to choice. They're so simple and practically a salad bar in a capsule! After reading over 42 research studies on the products and hearing my friend's story, I feel inspired and excited to share it with you. 


My friend who introduced it to me looks great. She has tons of energy at 46. She was able to relieve all her symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, Hashimoto's (a thyroid disease), vertigo, endometriosis, and her polycystic ovarian issues have healed significantly. Additionally, she's also erased her pre-menopausal symptoms. 


Like to learn more, or try Juice Plus + out for yourself? Click Here to visit their site.


Are you curious about learning more about how the Holistic Lifestyle Method can help you gain your best mind and body? Click Here to set up a complimentary Clarity Call.

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