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How to Put Yourself First and Get More Business: Meet Self Care Coach, Leslie Porter

This interview written by Emily Merill is reposted from Six Degree Society.

Leslie Porter believes there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to self-care, it should be personalized to one’s goals. She saw a gap in the self-care market and created a business around coaching entrepreneurs to take care of themselves first. Read on for Leslie’s most valuable advice about how to do just that.

SDS: What is self care coaching and why do you think it’s important?

LESLIE PORTER: Self care coaching is a reclaiming of health on all levels. I help heart centered business women feel sexy and confident in ALL aspects of their lives. Most clients I work with are brilliant at their jobs and they’re likely good moms, friends or partners. However, when it comes to deeply taking care of themselves, that’s not on their to-do list.

I like to think of these women as the backbone of their households. When they’re sleeping better, deeply rested, energized, comfortable in their skin, and not accommodating everyone around them… everyone around them is also more balanced and content. In essence, I like to think of it as a peaceful revolution of creating more peace within and without.

SDS: You have an incredible background — how does it influence the work you do with your clients?

LP: Thank you. I have been in the health and wellness industry for 23 years as a practitioner. That means I’ve been practicing with myself a lot longer. I designed The Holistic Lifestyle Method Program based on these 23 years. I have done extensive training in various styles of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, pilates and somatic counseling. My toolbox got so big that I’m not able to personalize self care rituals for clients. Being an ex-tenured professor for 17 years has helped me organize my virtual program. One of the first things I hear from clients (especially after they’ve done other’s coaching programs) is “Wow, this is so well organized!”

Leslie Porter offers the Holistic Lifestyle Method, a custom-tailored program fit clients’ unique needs. Credit – Leslie Porter.

SDS: What are the most common ways you see entrepreneurs struggle with their self care?

LP: Entrepreneurs tend to feel like if they don’t obsess over their work, they won’t get work. They feel like they need to be there ALL the time for every client and for their loved ones. This causes overthinking which will affect their sleep. They’ll either not sleep well, wake up between 2-4am or wake up tired. It’ll cause a decrease in energy. It could cause issues with their diet (for example, if they crave sweetness and overeat sugar).

If they’re not getting enough rest, it could affect their weight and fitness, hurting their adrenals and cortisol levels which causes weight gain. Not putting themselves first and not learning to deal with overthinking, sleep and energy will affect the way they communicate to clients and loved ones, their patience level, their comfort in their skin, their sex lives and the way they feel alive. Are they living to work or working to live?

SDS: Is there one self care practice that you recommend everyone implement into their lives?

LP: Self care is very personal. There’s no “one size fits all”. Some people are actually doing certain styles of yoga and meditation that aren’t good for their constitution. It may seem like “I’m doing yoga and meditation, this must be good for me”… not necessarily. I’d do a couple of things: research and make sure you know you’re doing the right practice for YOU. I’d also make sure you’re carving out time in the day, even if it’s for 10 minutes, to go outside and walk. Get in nature. Orient to your pleasure and what turns you on in life – it’s not always work! I’d go do something completely outside the box, but that’s what would turn me on.

SDS: What is one piece of advice you’d give entrepreneurs about getting started in their business? Is there anything you wish you had known when you started?

Coach Leslie Porter says there’s no _one size fits all_ when it comes to self care. Credit – Leslie Porter.

LP: Hire someone to help you and join a community of people you admire. None of us can do this work on our own. I do wish I had known more about financial planning, retirement and carving my own way on social media in the beginning of all this.

SDS: How can we learn more about Leslie Porter? Anything new and exciting coming up in your life?

LP: For business, follow me on Instagram here: leslie.porter.111 and say hello on DM. I love that. You can read more about me here If this or my work resonates, you can sign up for a 30 min free consultation here to learn more:

What’s new professionally: I’ve teamed up with my friend Kristen Garcia and Juice+ to help my clients, friends, and family ingest more veggies and phytonutrients. Personally: I decided this year is the year I learn Flamenco dancing and painting more. If Covid-19’s wave lightens, I hope to travel internationally a lot more too.

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