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Time to Own YOUR Sensual Side

Many moons ago, I went to a Female Sexuality and Empowerment workshop with a well-known women's coach. I thought it would be so fun to learn anything new. I was open and excited about it. I'm an introvert. I love extroverts, but in this life, I'm an introvert. I flew to Florida from California, ready to rock this workshop, but ... Unfortunately,

This coach set up them workshop around the sexuality of an extrovert:

*1000s of women who are strangers asking to discuss their most profound vulnerability and be best friends.

*Taking off clothes in front of this many women to "be empowered."

*Putting on loud music and being asked to cry or feel something on request… be emotional NOW.

I left the workshop midday, took myself to the beach, bought some bath oil, went to a bookstore, and had a great dinner. I took myself on a date. I journaled. I didn't feel I needed to discuss my vulva among peers.

This felt more sensual to me.

Often my clients feel their sexuality and sensuality are defined by others' opinions. They know their partner's desires by heart. They wear their favorite lingerie or are too tired and simply perform the rituals they want.

They are super unclear on what turns them on or pleases them.

We are a culture that has adopted the patriarchal view of what it means to be sexy: young, skinny, long hair, etc.

You can be sexy and sensual in precisely what you like to wear, at your age, in your skin, and on your terms.

Most women I talk to have forgotten or don't know what that even means.

Some think they don't have an issue with this subject at all.

These folks tend to be the most closed-minded and are disconnected from their sensuality and sexuality.

Many women have a hard time with their body and their age, and the changes life brings.

The truth: if you're not loving and taking care of your body as the sacred temple that it is, then your sexuality and sensuality cannot exist to their highest potential.

Orgasms are incredible, but if you don't feel that from a place of the sacred, it will be a fleeting pleasure that you will continue to try and grasp.

One of my old clients told me that masturbating was boring. She had the same routine over and over. Ironically, when I made suggestions on how to change it up, she didn't want to. She was used to the monotony. She didn't want to change.

Another client stopped dating because her last boyfriend cheated on her. She felt terrible that she was older even though she was in incredible physical shape. (She was a yoga teacher!). It had been seven years since they broke up. After the HLM program, she started strutting around the office and stopped dressing in all black all the time… She felt better from the inside out. She glowed. She didn't wear sexier clothes, and she just changed her colors up, did the practices I suggested… etc. Guess what happened? A man ten years younger who thought she was a hottie asked her out, and she also got a raise.

It starts with treating your body as the sacred temple it is.

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