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It's Time to Get Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Earlier in the week shared a quote that read, “The first step to accepting yourself is to STOP comparing yourself to others” Accepting yourself comes with feeling both comfortable and confident in your own skin. There are so many of us, women especially who find that our worth, success, and happiness are directly tied to our bodies, our weight, how we look, and how others perceive us. We’ll get the partner, we’ll get the raise, we’ll have the glamour. So we find ourselves on a constant hamster wheel of comparison to the women we feel “have it” Struggling to keep up with something that does align with our values or our body. This stunts us in ways we choose to ignore, while seeking this validation through comparison we harm our friendships, our professional relationships, and our romantic relationships. Because ultimately if we don’t know pleasure in our own bodies, we’ll never truly experience in other areas of our lives. If you’re reading this, there’s a big chance that you’ve been struggling with finding true comfort in being your authentic self, no comparisons, no competition, just complete contentment with you and your body.

Join Me in the conversation in learning more about identifying the areas that require a new narrative when it comes to being comfortable in your skin. In the video below you’ll find key areas to focus on shifting your energy and mindset.

These are all actions you can apply to your life right now. But if you feel like you’re deeply struggling with constant comparison and lack of clarity when it comes to the power and worth you already have, help is right around the corner. I’ve helped many individuals reclaim their power and live more comfortably in their skin for a more fulfilling and happier life. Reach out today for a FREE Call to take the first step and stop comparing yourself to others.

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