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Improve Your Health With Anger (No, Really!)

Your anger and your “fuck you” can improve your health.

I see you and know you want to be a positive leader with a positive mindset.

But believe it or not, trying to be positive is harming you and those around you.

It is one of the reasons your stress has turned into headaches, digestive issues, or neck/back issues.

You are ignoring your truth even if/when your mind convinces you otherwise.

Putting the “negative” to the side and not learning how to feel it in a healthy and non-harming way has hurt you on an unconscious level whether you’ve done therapy, practiced yoga, or meditation.

The truth, though, is being human can be difficult sometimes.

There are layers and complexities to it.

You can feel your experience with all its shadows and lights healthily.

It’s not comfortable.

It’s not always easy.

The depth of your joy and pleasure in this life depends on how you feel everything you don’t want to feel.

And that makes all of it worthy of your attention.

You are worthy of your attention.

You are loveable and valuable no matter what you feel behind closed doors.

I am supporting you from afar.


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