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How Small Goals... Lead to Huge Changes

Personalized healing with practical tools

How personalized is the Holistic Lifestyle Method?

I created my program for individuals based on their specific needs and desired outcomes. Curious about what that might look like? Read below!

Case Study - Meet "Nora"

She is a professional executive in a well-known company with yoga and meditation training.

Nora's Goals for starting the Holistic Lifestyle Method wants:

● Successful work-life

● Reduction in stress

● More work-life balance

● The process is an empty nester

● Increase feeling connected

● Improve healthy boundaries and communication with men

● More confidence

● Better sleep patterns and rest

● Get comfortable in her skin

Nora’s Program &

Methodology / Tools

Healing from deep grief from mother passing and heartbreak, navigate emotions, nervous system regulation, and boundary setting.

Methodology: Holistic Tools to work with the body's organic intelligence to regulate the nervous system.

We used different techniques to release emotions.

Weekly check-ins for 30+ minutes

6 Month Coaching Package

Morning Routine:

Personalized yoga and meditation energize her for the day 15 to 20 minutes.

Evening Routine:

Prescribed various breathing, yogic, and home-based somatic practices that take 3 to 20 minutes:

1. Transition from work to home practice

2. Practice falling asleep at bedtime

Nora's Testimonial

When Nora started the program, she had recently…

"changed jobs, my son was away at school, I'd been dealing with some health issues and put on weight. I was just trying to get through each day and didn't know who I was anymore...

What was helpful was that we started with small attainable goals that, when taken all together, became monumental achievements... I value myself now, and I can bring that value to my daily life and my relationships. Instead of going to bed each night, stressed about getting through another day, I'm excited about each day, and when things do get challenging, I have the tools to deal with it."

Do you feel like Nora? Are you ready to reclaim your power? Set up a FREE initial 30-minute session today to learn how the Holistic Lifestyle Method is perfect for you. Click here to claim your space!

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