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5 Symptoms that show you’re Decreasing your Life Expectancy

It’s safe to say that almost everyone wants a long, healthy, and fulfilling life. Researchers across many disciplines are continually seeking new information on extending the human life span for those who desire a few more quality trips around the sun. In a 2020 study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), researchers examined a wide variety of risk factors related to life expectancy. They identified over 50 social and behavioral elements that contribute to an increase in early mortality in individuals.

A healthy life expectancy is defined as the number of years a person at a given age can expect to live in good health. To that end, we’re looking at five symptoms that might point to harming your health and how to determine potential interventions and solutions for you to live your most extended, healthiest, and happiest life.

1). Your stress and anxiety level are high due to your work and family life. If not dealt with, this could turn into physical health problems like digestive, the tension in the body, or heart problems.

2). You don't sleep well. You are a slave to your energy levels and therefore hinder precious time with your family, friends, yourself, which will affect your productivity and abundance.

3). You'd rather sleep than even deal with a sex drive.

4). Even though you've been to a therapist, practice yoga, meditate, use essential oils, and read self-help books, you still don't set healthy boundaries and accommodate everyone.

5). You are afraid to invest in a strong mentor and prefer a "feel good" coach that strokes your ego or thinks you can do it independently. (A mentor is not the same as a coach. A mentor pushes you past your ego).

Do any of these sounds like you? If so, I have good news:

It doesn't have to be like this. You can claim your energy, wake up finally feeling rested, and start creating more inner peace. When you can do ALL of this, you’ll become more productive and essentially become more abundant.

To help you move forward, I have opened up very few slots this week to speak with you on the phone.

The price is FREE.

This is for you if:

● You're a badass and not a victim of your circumstances.

● You're so tired of being tired and were ready yesterday to commit to taking action NOW.

● You know underneath this crapola that you're powerful and ready to take consistent action to live a more juicy, intuitive, and abundant life with purpose.

This is NOT for Someone Who:

● Takes ZERO responsibility for their actions.

● Someone who can't take decisive action.

● Someone who is an information collector and think google will heal you with its knowledge over working with an expert.

We as a culture need fewer energy vampires and way more conscious people ready and committed to their healing to be ZEN ROCKSTARS.

Are you ready to step up?!?

Talk soon,



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