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3 Small & Simple Ways To Bring Self-Care Into Your Schedule

I spoke with 15 women last week who had the same problem:

They don’t put themselves on their schedules. The consensus was that they either feel guilty for taking time for themselves, even if they don’t have children OR they have become pretty bad at managing time feeling like other people, things, projects, events should be prioritized over themselves.

Self-care is a necessity. When we are not taking care of ourselves, we become more stressed and more burnt out. Our resources go out the window. It’s really hard to make any good decisions on ANY LEVEL: work, life, relationships, etc.

I get it, living a busy jammed-packed life has become the new normal, so we’ve grown to think that these pauses are counterproductive or something we should have guilt overdoing. So let’s start small. Today we’re going to focus on 3 small and simple ways to bring self-care into your crazy schedule and make a HUGE shift in your life.

1. Prep and standardize meals: Either have simple staples made that you can grab when you can take a break or order a meal plan to be delivered. Some cost $5 per meal depending on where you live.

2. Get Outside: Walk outside barefoot for even 5 minutes to get off the chair and see nature. Look around… orient to where you are. Notice what is around you. Listen to sounds.

3. Create a Mini Ritual: This can be a mini 5-10 facial at home that you can literally have on when you do paperwork, a 5-10 minute meditation, play relaxing music in the background of your work. Whatever you choose to do, create a relaxing ritual for yourself that you love so work can be more pleasurable.

These small changes can lead to big shifts in your mood, body, and stress levels. But it’s also important to look within yourself and see WHY we feel we can’t prioritize ourselves. I help women find the balance they need in fitting self-care into their daily lives that make them more rested, productive, successful, and happy are you ready to get started? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with me today!

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