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10 Minutes To A Better You

A Program for Busy Professionals who have no time...

See Details Below..

Practice on your own time

Are you too busy to find the time to work out and move? Because of this, I decided to design

Your Personalized, On Demand, and Live 10 minute yoga and Pilates classes.

What to expect:

  • All themes and practices are suggested on demand and live by clients like you weekly

  • 10 min to fit into your busy schedule whenever you need it. ​

  • Access to live weekly sessions and Q & A right after the live to check your form or answer whatever you need.

  • Personalize your practice by emailing ahead of the live to share whatever you need or get questions answered.

  • Can’t make it to the live session and have questions? NO PROBLEM: I’ll answer the questions anyway during the Q&A and you’ll be able to watch the replay in the member's area.

  • You want more variety in your practice and are tired of working with teachers who lack experience.

  • Short workshops on biomechanics, form, and the history of yoga and Pilates will also be available.

  • Includes live pop-up sessions.

  • If I’m on vacation, new videos will be added nonetheless.

  • Replays are available even if you cannot attend live sessions

  • Taught by a Tenured Professor of Health and Kinesiology with over 20 years of experience.

  • Awesome community and connection from ALL over the world.

Let’s get strong and more mobile with the time we have!

No excuses! We’ve got this! Interested? Sign up for a FREE 30-minute call to see if this program is your next best step By clicking HERE

Lots of Love,


PS: Don't keep this a secret... Please pass on to the stressed and busy person in your life. Thank you!

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