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Signs You’re a Highly Sensitive Person in an Insensitive World

It’s a safe assessment to say most of my clients are what I would consider “Highly Sensitive People” or HSP. They’re intensely creative, ambitious, innovative, and they feel things very deeply. The problem is that many of their family members have not treated them well or honored these profound gifts. What happens when they’re not kept is that this person will feel one or more of the following:

  1. That there is something wrong with them on an intense level as they think deeply misunderstood.

  2. That it is challenging to find their tribe of people who get them.

  3. That they are over-sensitive and feel too much.

  4. That they can only receive love if they go overboard with giving.

  5. That they do not feel seen or heard.

  6. That they don’t stick up for themselves.

  7. That they bypass their feelings and instincts because they were taught to…

  8. That they take on other’s emotions and experiences.

When we become more in balance, and we learn to navigate and heal the parts that caused us to be highly sensitive, to begin with, we realize that:

  1. You MUST listen to your intuition because 90% of the time, it’s accurate. It’s really a superpower.

  2. The overwhelm and anxiety are messengers simply telling you what’s not working or telling you someone is sketchy and distrustful.

  3. Those colors, art, music, feelings, love are all essential to your well-being.

  4. That when you find your friends and tribe, they are very much your friends and tribe.

  5. Boundaries are your best friend.

And much more …

If it’s hard to flow with the emotions. Most times, you feel like a chicken with its head cut off or that you’re feeling everyone’s feelings around you and cannot create energetic or emotional boundaries. It’s imperative to strengthen the energy lines, especially your aura and arc line. If these are not supported, your energy and others will bleed into one another. Your energetic boundaries will not be clear.

If by chance, you’re getting off on this and using your intuition to manipulate other people’s truths, this isn’t fair to them and can be seen as controlling. It’s essential to look at the why behind using intuitive powers to engage and provide insight to others, especially if they DID NOT ASK YOU. This is something I witness far too often.

Sometimes, our silence and holding space for ourselves and another is enough.

Sometimes, many times no one wants to be fixed.

They simply want to be honored.

Don’t you want your truths and feelings to be honored?

I’d personally prefer to get help from someone who wants me to find my inner guide and truth versus their opinion of what that “should” look like for me, and that’s what I do with my clients.

Do you identify as a HSP? Looking to improve your awareness and relationship with others? Let’s talk! Schedule your free consultation today either by emailing me or clicking here!

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