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Move from Powerless to Powerful

Do you ever wonder why you feel the need to be controlling? You may feel anxious, and out of control, you don’t trust others to do it as well as you (so you may micromanage), trauma from childhood and not getting your needs met by your caretakers, etc.

So many of us turn to micromanaging in times of feeling overwhelmed. When feel triggered, anxious, overwhelmed. It's common for us to latch on to control to give us a sense of purpose. But why? What can we control? The truth is, we can only control ourselves. We can’t control other people’s experiences, expectations, or emotions.

So, we need to pause and look for what’s happening below the urge to rule. Most times, it’s not what’s happening now; it’s something from the past that’s getting dredged up. What do you think? What are you really feeling? What do you find you’re trying to control that maybe it’s time to let go of? These scans are important and informative. You’ll be surprised what you’ll learn once you finally listen to what your body has been trying to tell you.

I’ve pulled together my favorite ways to move from the sense of powerless to feeling POWERFUL

Learn to be Lovingly Assertive™:

This means when boundaries need to be set, they’re done kindly and yet directly. (There is a method!).

‍Focus on what’s within your control:

Healing, your emotions, learning to deeply nourish your nervous system especially before you set the boundary.

Don’t sit on problems:

When they come up, bring them up kindly. If you wait too long, you may feel resentful. Faking it til you make it will drain you.

Learn to deeply relax:

Which is connected to letting it be so that everything you do and say comes from a place of internal power and depth versus a default.

Forgive yourself:

When you make a mistake or are unkind…

These are 5 steps you can put into practice, but to keep in mind you do NOT have to do this alone. Sometimes to put these actions into practice takes some guidance. I have often had to seek out the help I’ve needed… and even then, didn’t always get my needs met…

HOWEVER, when I found the RIGHT HELP, everything flowed better and went into its right place… (Think Radiohead song in the album Kid A! Or go look it up!)

To me, that help has been priceless.

If you’re rocking in your posts and yet behind closed doors, do not feel supported, are not sleeping well, and or are overthinking to the point of OMG…

Then it’s time to up your game and apply for The Holistic Lifestyle Method Program…

💥You’ll learn how to manage these pesky thoughts and urges to control…

💥You’ll learn to finally get a good night’s rest or what to do when you wake up at 2-4am

💥You’ll learn what to do in the morning so you can wake up on fire to get going!

Ready to learn more? Reach out today to book a complimentary clarity to see how you can benefit from the Holistic Lifestyle Method and tap into the potential of YOUR power.

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