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Learning to BE versus DO.

Learning to BE versus DO.

Doing is what you do. It’s the actions you take. It’s the decisions you make. It’s your behavior and all its visible manifestations.

Being is who you are. It’s what’s underneath all of the doing. It’s your qualities, your thought patterns, and your conditioning. It’s the pattern of beliefs that you hold about yourself and your environment. It’s your worldview.

Many of us think that we will be more productive by “doing more” because we’ve learned to rest our bodies deeply by “letting it be”

This is why so many of us will say:

“I need a vacation”....

“If I could only get a day off…”

“If I only had x,y,z….”

“I’ll start when I lose weight.”

“Exercise… I need more exercise and then I’ll take better care of myself…”

“I’ll start at New Year….”

“I’ll get help after my kid finishes school… or after I move… or after I get that car… “

“I’ll invest in myself when (_________fill in the blank______)”

Does this sound like you? If so you’re not alone, It was me for a long time too. I had to learn to let myself be with what is true and find time and funds to invest in myself.

The being level might seem trickier and scarier, but it’s also where robust, sustainable change is created. And the beauty is that if you address the being level, then the doing level takes care of itself. It will almost seem like magic. But it can also be intimidating.

I have honestly probably spent over 50k in the last 20 years.

I did all the hard work to figure out what works (and what doesn’t), so you don’t have to! I can give you a clear and concise roadmap because the journey you’re on is one I traveled deeply.

I know who you are…

You are likely a heart-centered professional like a fantastic business coach, therapist, yoga teacher, architect, nurse, doctor, professor, and lawyer.

You are terrific and love your job. You make a good living.

You are good at taking care of everyone around you: kids, partners, friends, and fur babies.

You are busy and feeling burnt out. You just want to be on vacation!

You may fall asleep, but you wake up at 2-4 am…

You put others first, including your clients. Isn’t this how you become successful?

The Holistic Lifestyle Method will help you:

*Get a full night’s sleep

*Clean up your diet, so it’s balanced with the season

*Make sure you’re addressing every aspect of your life: relationships, time, space, and sex/pleasure…

*Significantly decrease stress and any pain that stress may be bringing to you.

Life is too short to live this way.

Let’s rock…

It’s time to stop waiting and start BEING who you want to be.

Ready? Book a complimentary clarity call with me today to see how the Holistic Lifestyle Method can help you!

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