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It’s time to recommit to your healing.

I remembered being on my therapist's couch many years ago and realizing I was talking about the same problem repeatedly. My therapist was an MFT and a holotropic breath worker. I had been going to him for a long time; I wasn’t doing well. My relationships were unhealthy, my sleep wasn’t restful, and I struggled with feeling creative in any capacity. What weighed on me the most was I was not healing from my traumas. I wasn’t happy.

Mind you, at this moment in time, I was in my late 20s. I had been doing yoga and meditation every day for sometimes 3 hours per day. I had sat in silence for over 30 days. I had worked with a Sufi. I had done over eight training sessions on spiritual and healing work at this time too. I had also tried A LOT more than I am even suggesting because I was suffering.

My relationship, especially with myself, was dwindling.

I asked my meditation teacher for help. He told me to do another training specifically on healing trauma from the body’s perspective. ANOTHER TRAINING!?

I ignored him.

Then something happened, there was a shooting at a school where I worked, seven innocent people lost their lives. I was scared, and I needed to reconsider how to help myself and others.

I genuinely started listening to myself.

I made decisions that would help me create “Team Leslie” and redesigned a program myself that would help ease my anxiety, better my sleep, health, weight, relationships, and more.

I re-committed to myself and my creativity.

My toolbox became VAST. (I did do that training, my meditation teacher suggested as well).

I experimented with my group and private sessions, and they were getting more healed more quickly too.

I realized my intuition is crazy good, and I can personalize this work to help people from stress, sleep, anxiety, low self-worth, boundary issues, and strengthen the feminine.

I’ve done all the training (and the self-work) to take the guesswork out for my clients.

I know what does and doesn’t work.

Healing is an inside job. To fully recover, we need practices and exercises that get through to the nervous system level. Just talking it through with traditional therapy won’t get you there.

Yoga and meditation are great and help to move energy, but we are not doing the proper practices to heal deeply. We’re doing the practice that is aggravating the problem. But most don’t realize this. OR we are using these practices as a crutch to swallow down the emotions that we haven’t taken the time to feel. I.e., If I just breathe deeper, this will all go away.

Or we are not doing anything… and are continuing to perpetuate the problem.

The truth is the problem has not gone away… It’s being stored somewhere.

Or You’ve bypassed it.

OR You’re not in good physical form in your movements. I see this too often in intermediate yoga classes. People are pushing past their limits in a toxic way. And they are straining their backs/sacrums.

Ie, they’re NOT listening to their body or their limits.

These are all things I can help you with and get you rebalanced.

Let's get back on track so you can thrive instead of just survive.

Reach out to me for your free consultation by either by emailing me at or clicking here!

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