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From Tori Amos' song Little Earthquakes:

Give me life

Give me Pain

Give me myself again...

She was very open about a sexual assault that happened to her. That's what the song Me and A Gun is about. How beautiful that she found a way to express her feelings around such a horrific event.

Many of us don't have that.

And many don't realize that some ways we habitually numb out stem from our ways of coping with difficult experiences.

Here are some ways you may be numbing out and not realizing it:




*Under Exercising

*Complaining about nothing and everything

*Not leaving the house (I know this can be tricky with The Covid Era)

*Not getting help

*Constant binge-watching of TV

*Drinking excess alcohol

*Excess sugar

*Excess caffeine

*Excess Salt

*Excess obsessing about travel or fleeing

*Shopping all the time for nothing and everything

*Not asking for help

*Not saying No

*Monitoring other people's emotions all the time



Does this sound like you? You may not even realize that this is a coping response to some sort of stress.

With excess sugar, you may need more sweetness.

With overworking, you may need to feel valued.

With excess exercise, you may be treating your body like an object.

There are so many things that we habitually do that are deeply causing us harm and not helping us heal.

These "coping" responses may have helped in the past. But they don't help now - it's time to take a pragmatic and holistic approach to cope.

Are you ready to shift the paradigm? Join me in a judgment-free conversation on how to create healthful coping techniques and fast-track your healing today

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