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Claiming Your Power! Six ways to show up with passion, integrity, and purpose

Are you ready to start claiming your power, but feel like self-doubt is keeping you stuck?

Here’s how self-doubt can play out: You have a job you don’t like; you think you need to “suck it up,” and feel so crappy that you take zero action to find a job that you feel the passion. And, then come in the string of mental questions. Should you go back to school? Should you apply? What if you have to move? Will you make enough money elsewhere? Should you take the risk?

You are single again. You have friends who think you don’t need a man. Or you’ve been so burned that you wonder if you should just have a one-night stand rather than try at another intimate relationship. Torn, you wind up staying the home night after night after night watching TV and hanging out with your dog or cat. You’re lonely. You’re lying to yourself.

You’re in a relationship. You may have kids. You feel lonelier in this relationship than you do alone. Sex may be okay, but it’s mainly about HIS pleasure, yet you won’t leave. It’s too complicated. Maybe you think this is what you deserve. You may get a few minutes of joy with this partner, but overall, it’s a struggle, especially an internal one. You’re too anxious to be on your own. You’re not even sure who you are anymore.

You do everything for everyone else. You’re tired. You don’t have or make time for things you used to love. You have zero ideas about what pleases you. You used to feel like yourself. Now, you’re not even sure who that is.

Do any of these scenario’s sound like you? Are they keeping you from claiming your power and living a life that you truly love? If so, you are far from alone.

As women, one of the biggest lies we’ve been told is that we need to give pieces of ourselves away to be loved. We are taught not to be leaders or the queens of our lives.

Here are some excellent questions for you to consider:

Are you too complacent?

Are you not taking responsibility or authority into your life?

Do you have too many choices? Do you not have enough?

Are you jealous of other women for their successes?

Are you simply accepting what you’ve been given instead of going after your dreams and using your voice?

Or are you spread too thin and too exhausted to realize what you’re doing?

Are you constantly giving your power away, thinking that more love will come your way?

So many women give pieces of themselves away, and they don’t even know who owns these pieces anymore.

The truth is we need to be whole within ourselves. When we’re burnt out, there’s nothing to give. We’ll have an empty feeling inside, knowing that something is missing. And this feeling may happen ALL of the time. Before we know it, we might find ourselves living by other’s rules and desires, unsure of what ours are anymore. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Claiming Your Power: It’s Time to Start Living By YOUR Rules, Ladies!

Time for our Revolution!

Here’s what a strong, sensual, and creative woman looks like:

She listens with integrity to herself and others. She responds when necessary. She understands that life can be painful and that we all take turns with pain, pleasure, grief, anger, and beauty. She holds space for it all while still taking care of herself.

She speaks up with kindness and knows how to be lovingly assertive. She stands up for injustice, the underdog, and other women. She doesn’t feel the need to compete with other women. Rather, she takes intelligent action for herself and others.

She teaches the men around her to respectfully hear, see, value, and love her for being a strong, sensual, and creative woman.

She teaches the children around her to respectfully hear, see, love, and value her by being a strong, sensual and creative woman. In doing so, she sets a beautiful example for future generations.

She takes care of the earth, animals, and various cultures around her. She is open to differences and knows how to flow with change. She does not impose her world or beliefs on others, especially if it causes harm. She’s aware that she can only take care of these things if she takes care of herself first.

She remembers that we are not living in a world where we don’t have choices. She acts as the authority of her own life—no more invisibility. She is no more allowing others to control her decisions. It’s HER life.

Are You Ready to Start Claiming Your Power?

You are the authority of your own life. And, you are a strong, sensual, and creative woman, even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. You can live your dreams, feeling fully alive in your body, career, and relationships.

Suppose your dream is to get an education, be an architect, a mathematician, a teacher, a doctor, a nurse, a business owner, a wife, a mother—whatever. In that case, it’s time to get moving in that direction.

You do not need permission to follow your dreams or to make decisions. If you’re stuck or living with self-doubt, I invite you to contact me to schedule an initial call. I offer to coach for women and have been helping women all over the country tune in to who they are and what they need and desire, tap into what turns them on, and design lives that they truly love.

Here’s to claiming your power!



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