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5 Hidden Ways Stress Shows Up In Your Body & Life

There are various kinds of stresses that we are all familiar with in life. These tensions build up over time. As they grow, we find ourselves so wrapped up in our lives that we don't realize that our body's messages are telling us that something needs to change.

I know what these are like because I have been through almost all of them myself. I've also helped many clients move through these symptoms.

Here are symptoms that are cues that someone is experiencing stress at a deeper level.

Overly Positive: You may think to yourself… but isn't that healthy? Who wants to be negative? So why would that cause me stress? A few reasons:

• You may have heard the term "grin and bear it" or "buck up" or "women need to be sugar and spice and everything nice." I've witnessed and experienced my jaw literally hurting, which moved into neck pain and headaches when I tried to only be only positive in the past.

• When someone tells you, they are focused solely on the positive, they cannot handle uncomfortable emotions like grief and anger. I don't personally think of these as negative emotions. They're human, and we all take turns with all of them. If we don't take the time to feel what's happening in our lives, those emotions could turn into health problems or tension in the body. (Like the jaw, head, and neck, as I shared a moment ago). Being positive all the time can create denial as well.

• This toxic level of positivity is like fuel on the fire for shaming culture. It prevents people from taking full responsibility for their actions which can cause survivors or victims to blame. No, they did not "make or manifest issues like trauma or sexual abuse. But, yes, if you think terribly about yourself all the time, that's not healthy either… there needs to be a balance.

• the body knows the truth and will reveal what's not being shared in the following ways:

Digestive: I know for myself when I'm upset, my digestion breaks down. I don't want to eat anything. For some people, it's the opposite, and they overeat. These are signals that something isn't right, full stop. It's a coping mechanism that many have developed to help us deal with problems; it's an exit. But it's because the stress is tricky to "ingest,"… so we take it out on our food instead of learning to be with and work through the discomfort.

Tension, pain, and aches: Yes, injuries can happen…. But why do some injuries occur in some regions of the body? Your body is like a computer, and different parts of the body hold different memories and emotions from your life… especially if unresolved. This will likely show up as tension in the body. Sometimes health issues like autoimmune problems… imagine not upgrading to the next system when your computer tells you there needs to be an upgrade… the body is like this… if not upgraded consistently, the body will crash… and you may wind up with pain…

These areas very often tend to be from stress: headaches, shoulders, low back/pelvis, hips, neck…

Getting to the root of these stresses and helping clients move through the physical and emotional piece of these is what I can do with clients.

What you'll hear from my ideal client, "stressful day: my back hurts." "My hip is achy." "I have a dull headache."

Overworking: Sometimes, we make ourselves so busy because we're too scared to slow down and deal with why we are "running" in the first place. Overworking is a familiar exit people use to ignore issues underneath the surface and not easy to feel. It's a way of staying in a frozen state or fleeing from what is really happening at the moment, an actual head in the sand moment.

Some quotes you'd hear from potential clients "I'm too busy to grieve the death of my loved one because I need to work." "I'm helping all of my family during this pandemic; I don't have time for myself."

It's one thing to work to live; it's another to live to work. The truth is that It's not healthy. People who tend to keep overly busy likely have been taught to be the caretaker and put their needs aside. They have no idea what to do to take care of themselves.

Fatigue: Being tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep OR can't sleep.

I hear this from my ideal client often; "I'm tired," "I have no time for myself," or "I need more self-care."

I work closely with my clients individually to help them get to the root of the problem and heal the pain. After working with me, my clients find that they:

✨Get more energy

✨Find holistic and productive ways to work through an injury if that's the problem.

✨Improve their physical, mental, and emotional posture by making sure their psychological, spiritual, diet, fitness program makes sense for their body and life.

✨Get unstuck.

✨Improve their professional life but getting raises or better opportunities.

✨Make significant shifts in their relationships by improving them or realize it's time to move on.

✨Find an inner glow so they look younger and more rested

✨Their intuition grows

✨Their pain decreases

The best clients for me are usually teachers, lawyers, nurses, massage therapists, any caretakers that are giving away more than receiving.

Does this sound like you? The best way to reach me is via email. or set up a consultation, which you can do by clicking here!

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